Our Suppliers

Makars Gourmet Mash Bar, Bank Street (the Mound), Edinburgh, EH1 2LN
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Cainhill Farm

The skilled hands of the elusive Mr Gilmour

Ernie, our vegetable buyer, discussing leaves with Robert

A rather young Steven Stewart (he still likes to use this picture!)

Even our furniture is handmade locally

Belinda and her marvelous mustards

The Farmer learns from buds unfolding,
From each tight leaf unfurled,
That his own heart, expanding,
Is one with all the world.

Scotland is blessed with an abundance of local produce grown and shared all over the world. At the GMB we are passionate about sourcing both classic and new ingredients straight from the farm gate. Mindful of the environment that we live in, we try wherever possible to use local suppliers and are dedicated to using fresh seasonal produce.

We are dedicated to using only reputable suppliers that we personally know and trust. We regularly meet all our suppliers and make sure they share our strong values and ethics.

We are a proud member of the Scotch Beef Club, member restaurants are proud to serve Scotch Beef PGI. With traceability and unique assurance which begins on the farm of birth, Scotch Beef is high on quality and taste.

Crombies of Edinburgh

Crombies is a local global award winning butcher shop established in 1955 by Alex Crombie and now run by father and son team, Sandy and Jonathan Crombie. Their Broughton Street shop is located a short walk away from the Makars.

Sandy hand picks cattle from a few select farms in the Tyne Valley from grass fed Angus/Limousin. This breed gives both flavour and tenderness. Our pork is from East Lothian and lamb from the borders. This ensures complete transparency in supply and minimises stress through transportation.

In the mid-eighties, when Jonathan joined his father in running the business, Crombies developed a special interest in sausages, having won a major award in 1985. Success in this field led to the establishment of a specially entirely dedicated to sausage production. Today they produce over 40 varieties of sausages and a selection of exclusive just for the Makars.

Stewart Brewing - Craft Beers

Stewart Brewing is Edinburgh's local, independent brewery producing multi gold award winning beers of the highest quality. We have worked closely with Steven Stewart since his launch, and are privileged to be a premium site for Stewart's beers, regularly show casing new launches.

Bon Accord - artisan soft drinks

Bon Accord drinks were founded in Arbroath in 1903, their iconic glass bottles were seen across Scotland for generations. Back after 15 years, their soft drinks are 100% naturally sweetened with honey, coconut nectar and fruit juices. The drinks are a really great alternative to alcoholic drinks that we have specifically paired with our dishes. The Makars is delighted to be working with such an icon of Scotland's history.

A.J. Hornig - best haggis producer in Scotland?

At Makars, we pride ourselves in working with local independent artisan producers. For our haggis supplier, we searched high & low for the best haggis farmer in Scotland, only to discover a local boy A.J.Hornig was by far the best. We get rave reviews from experienced haggis aficionados to first-timers from all over the world, who overwhelmingly report that they love our meat and vegetarian haggis.

Every year on the 1st of April, Haggis Season opens in the Scottish Highlands and continues until the glorious 12th. Only the best marksmen in Scotland are licensed to hunt them in secret. The Hornig family have been stalking haggis since 1901 and legend has it that grandfather Hornig trained marksmen in both wars as he was such an expert shot.

Santu Coffee the pride of Leith

Santu Coffee is based in Leith Edinburgh. Our friends at Santu share our values with an exceptional product and transparent relationships from field to table. They have lived and worked on coffee farms for years, and know what it takes to produce amazing coffee. Santu buy their coffee direct from award-winning farms in Brazil and roast it in their Edinburgh workshop. They pay close attention to the environmental and employment standards for each of their suppliers above all else.

Kettle - Blacketyside Farms - Vegetables and Fruit

Based in North Fife, 2 miles from Leven, Robert produces a wide range of fruit and veg. BRC and Red Tractor accredited, all plants are tested regularly to measure pesticide levels. Robert is very proactive on green issues. He has recently planted one mile of new trees and 2 miles of hedgerows to preserve and encourage wildlife.

Greenvale East Lothian/William Jack Ayrshire - Potatoes

Mash Potatoes, the King of Comfort foods. Delicious, easily digested and healthy, mashed potatoes have fed us Scots for many years. Our potatoes suppliers are very important to us. We are in constant discussion with our suppliers to ensure quality.

Marvellous Mustards, Edinburgh

Marvellous Mustard is a local craft business based in Edinburgh. MM was started by Belinda in 2014, she wanted to revolutionize the world of mustard! She has since set the condiment world alight! You can have a chance to try her amazing range of mustards that she produces especially for our dishes.

Robbie Reid Furniture - Fentonbarns, East Lothian

We are regularly asked ’who makes your amazing restaurant furniture?’. Robbie Reid is a woodworking craftsman extraordinaire and hails from my home town of North Berwick. Robbie produces custom of furniture for "all the most fashionable houses" including the Makars.