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The Gourmet Mash Bar Company,
9 North Bank Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2LP
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You are welcome at Makars
with or without a reservation

We are a small independent restaurant with a big capacity that does not turn guests away lightly. Most of our tables are assigned for walk-ins. We will do our best to seat you promptly and at worst get a drink in your hand!

The number of reservation no-shows we get is just staggering. If you cannot make your booking PLEASE just let us know by calling 0131 226 1178 (at short notice please speak to somebody do not just leave a message or email us). We will not shout, howl, bite or scream but say " Thank you for having the manners to let us know, hope to see you again soon ".

Books Rules:
#1. Unless we hear from you, not voice messages or emails, we will only keep your table for 15 minutes.

#2. Bookings of 6 or more require a deposit and must book online.

#3. Bookings of +9 please email and we can set up a special table.