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Makars Mash Bar, Bank Street, EH1 2LN
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Did you ever eat colcannon,
made with lovely pickled cream,
with the greens & scallions mingled
like a picture in a dream?
Did you ever make a hole on top
to hold the melting flake,
or the creamy flavoured butter
that your mother used to make ?

Love makes the world go round.

(However, whisky makes it go round twice as fast!)

Mash Potatoes;
the King of Comfort foods.
Delicious and healthy

After years of travel and seeing food packed with nonsensical ingredients, I just could not understand why Classic Scottish Dishes were not recognised on the world stage. More worryingly, it seemed that the deep fried mars bar was our most famous contemporary dish (for all the wrong reasons)!

The GMB is the first Restaurant & Craft Bar to say NO to deep fat fryers, artificial this and that and YES to delicious healthy, locally produced food like my granny cooked... and my goodness she was one hell of a cook!

Our food is inspired by the fine local Craft Beer micro industry that is now buzzing in Scotland. Like these Craft Beer producers, we carefully select combinations of local ingredients, to create small batch dishes with bags of flavour and fond memories. We are a proud member of the exclusive Scotch Beef Club and all our meats and vegetables are sourced from local farms where we have validated their quality, practices and values.

Add to this an acutely developed appreciation of fine wines, whisky and spirits; and the idea was born of opening a place where locals and visitors alike could rendez-vous to enjoy great beer; good food; and entertainment; all in a friendly atmosphere. If you've never been to a Mash Bar before, it's not exactly a bar or a restaurant, but a combination of the two with a bit of a homemade feel.

Our restaurants are open all day for relaxed dining, snacks, coffee or drinks. From ladies who lunch, to that all-important business deal dinner. You can go as fast or as slow as you like.